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Mondani Web is the leading agency of communication in the world of luxury watches: we offer to our clients a 360° visibility through social medias, newsletters, online marketplace and reports. With more than one million followers on social medias, a huge number of users and a very important reputation in this field, we can raise clients’ profiles in every arena, driving brands and voices forward.

An angry customer said this on Trust pilot "Poor customer service, unprofessional, really rude staff. Communications with personal is useless and at the worst level. Thank you very much for nothing, I'll never do more purchases from this company".


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Junior Audio Visual Assistance Technician (Former Employee) says

"almost all days were typical for me from January 2010 I was working alone installation from start to finish for the whole year.truly speaking most of my experience I gathered from AMV,hardest part of the job was running cable and installations alone e.g mounting a 50inch tv alone,most enjoyable part is wen im done with installations and there is no come backsfree lunch once in a whilelong long hours"

Pėnztåros (Former Employee) says

"Nem szwretnėk mondani semmit Jò ott dolgozni.csak.közbe jöttek dolgok amiėtz engem kirúgtak.mås hülyrsė melozniMinden jò volt"

Hostess (Former Employee) says

"Al Mav è stata un esperienza durata poco, anzi pochissimo ma visto che fa parte dell'alternanza scuola lavoro viverla con le mie amiche ha reso tutto ancora più speciale.Abbiamo organizzato con loro la notte bianca, una bellissima notte dove veniva allestito tutto per i passanti che potevano assaggiare tutto quello che desideravano, una notte fantastica !!AmicheSpesso c'erano momenti morti"

Dictaminador (Former Employee) says

"el ambiente era muy bueno ,se sentía esa seguridad y confianza de los compañeros que impulsaba a seguir haciendo las cosas porque estaban bien hechas. la planificación era cambiante pero se aprendió a trabajar con las adaptaciones que se solicitaban costaba un poco de trabajo pero haciendo equipo y trabajando todos en la misma sintonia se lograban superar los imprevistosCercania a mi casa y ambiente de trabajoninguna"